Amsterdam Dance Event – A city turned yellow

January 28, 2017
Sicht auf eine typische Grachtbrücke in Amsterdam. An der Brücke sind ADE Flaggen zu sehen.

Imagine that once a year the GEMA (German Society for Musical Performing Rights) declared the city of Berlin to be the city of electronic dance music. There would be flags and installations everywhere, and the city would be visibly taken over by the colours of the event. Practically, every shop, museum and club would join in. The international elite of music makers would meet and every manufacturer of relevant technology would want to be there. Both groups would be close enough to touch and present themselves and their stuff directly to people who are either in the business or simply fans.

Since this will never happen, the Dutch have been doing it in Amsterdam since 1996. GEMA’s counterpart there, BUMA, organises the conference, and you can’t miss this event in Amsterdam at this time in autumn.

I was there for the first time in 2016 and came away really inspired and also amazed after sitting in close proximity to Todd Terry and DJ Pierre (the one from the States), among others, and having Native Instruments, Ableton and Pioneer explain their technology to me. Along the way I saw acts like Laurent Garnier, ESKEI83, Digitalism, High Contrast and Camo & Krooked.

What I experienced in the five days there was only a fraction of what you can indulge in at the Amsterdam Dance Event. The choice of things to do in the context of music is almost overwhelming. Apart from the tech labs, where you can spend hours trying out the most common equipment, and the presentations of new and sometimes curious devices, the panels are probably one of the most interesting parts. These panels can also include cooking with some DJs.

One of the parties I was most interested in was Hospitality at Paradiso. A truly unique club, unlike any other in Germany. Compared to the often-mentioned Berghain, which is probably only so cool because the door is so hard, Paradiso is absolutely commercial, aimed at getting as many people in as possible. But then (unusually for me as a German) they quickly supply them with alcohol and offer a great atmosphere on three floors. I was there twice at that time and both times the place was on fire, so much so that I would spontaneously drive to Amsterdam just to spend an evening there. Especially as the programme there is excellent!

This year’s Amsterdam Dance Event will take place in October, as every year. The first Early Bird phase of ticket sales has already closed and the current price for the 5-day all-in ticket, which includes all conferences and parties (!), is a whopping 375 Euros. But it’s worth it! If only because you can usually bypass the queues and get into the club, and you get numerous other benefits too.


Impressions 2016

ESKEI83 for Pioneer
ESKEI83 für Pioneer
Whyt Noyz @ ADE Native Sessions
Whyt Noyz @ ADE Native Sessions
ADE Sound Lab
ADE Sound Lab
Totally positive!
Totally positiv!
Hangover Breakfast @ Café de Jaren
Hangover Breakfast @ Café de Jaren
Banksy @ Beurs van Berlage
Banksy @ Beurs van Berlage
Banksy @ Beurs van Berlage
Banksy @ Beurs van Berlage
Canal #nofilter
UK & USA sweets
UK und USA Süßzeug
That silence in the morning!
Diese Ruhe!
Ums ums ums
Ums ums ums
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