Upgrading the Vestax PDX 2000 – New cover and target lights

February 2, 2024

I’ve had two Vestax PDX 2000s for what seems like forever, which I bought from a friend for not too much money. They’ve been through a few club nights, but fortunately have suffered little damage.

I can’t remember why my friend bought the 2000 and then the 3000 after selling it to me. The Technics 1210s were the measure of all things and the club standard back then, just as Pioneer is today.

Personally, I always liked the handling a little better. I often said at the time that the Vestax was more forgiving and you didn’t have to work quite as finely. The Technics were a bit too sensitive for me, so I often turn a record a bit too far.

The PDXs are not only more robust in terms of handling, but also in terms of durability. Mine are now a good 20 years old and give very few problems. But what bothered me for a long time was that there were no covers for them.

Well, there were some, but they weren’t included and they were hideous. So I was delighted when Decksaver took up the cause last year and added Vestax PDX 2000 covers to their range.

Front view at Vestax PDX 2000 with Decksaver cover
Side view at Vestax PDX 2000 with Decksaver cover
Back view at Vestax PDX 2000 with Decksaver cover

That solved one problem. The next was the Target Light, which plugs into the front of the turntable via RCA. Of course, these get lost on club nights and although I never really needed them, I missed the light.

Last year I found a supplier in the UK who had built very robust Target Lights. Coincidentally, you can see one of them on the Decksaver website on the PDX 2000 pictured there. Apparently, this person no longer makes them or sells them on eBay. Which is a shame, as the quality is superb.

Close up of rebuild Target Light on Vestax PDX 2000
Side view of rebuild Target Light on Vestax PDX 2000

However, someone in Poland has taken over the mantle and is making simpler target lights for the Vextax and other turntables. This could also be a viable solution.

With the two new accessories, I took the opportunity to finally give the players a proper clean after what felt like decades. I think there was still some club dirt in there.

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