Book: Schlecky Silberstein – Das Internet muss weg!

March 22, 2019
Foto vom Cover des Buches.

Schlecky Silberstein’s book, Das Internet muss weg (The Internet Has To Go), is not a revelation on how to live without the net, nor does it prepare you for the EU copyright reform that is practically around the corner. But it is entertaining in many places and explains in a few others how filter bubbles come about and why likes are like coke.

Much of it was not new to me, which is to be expected in my line of work. But in its condensed form it was even more frightening. When you then consider that the book was written in 2017, that Schlecky was already processing Cambridge Analytica in it, but that the normal world only bothered to do so last year, you shake your head even more.

Why we should all use our smartphones less, maybe not install some apps at all, and why it is essential to look beyond the plate/filter bubble is not only described by Schlecky in the book. As far as I know, an association that he co-founded is about to be set up to educate people about the dangers described in the book.

Even though it is far from fiction and good humour, the book is definitely worth recommending.

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