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August 24, 2018
Die vier vorgestellten Biere stehen auf dem Tisch, daneben ein eingeschenktes Glas.

Beer is a divisive issue these days. One faction sees it as a hype spread by city dwellers denigrating the ordinary lager. Another faction is simply against bad industrial beer and strives for good quality in the fridge.

Someone who is against bad beer infected me with an approach a few years ago: “If you don’t know a beer on the menu, drink it! Since then, curiosity has guided my orders and rarely disappointed me.

As a result of this curiosity and the range of beers available in various shops, these four beers are practically my favourites at the moment (from left to right):

Tipsy Gypsy

Always bought when guests are expected. But also a good choice beyond that. A full-bodied Pilsner that is intense in flavour, yet not overbearing, and demands an “Hm, interesting beer!” from everyone. A good companion for the evening without having to talk about hop varieties or IBUs*.

Were available here

Oedipus Mama

The drinkable Pale Ale has certainly become infamous among connoisseurs, as it is one of the best known from Oedipus (commerce!). True to its name, the Amsterdam brewery has produced a very good pale ale. Not too hoppy and with 30 IBUs probably one of the entry level pale ales. The rest of their range is also worth a sip, e.g. Offline or Gaia.

Not available anymore

Stigbergets Amazing Haze

The champagne among my beers. The 0.33l bottle is not cheap at €6, but it is really for a special occasion. You don’t rush this beer like you would an after-work beer, you take a glass and you take your time! For a New England IPA, this is probably still the “hot shit”, to quote Martin, who introduced me to this beer.

Got to know it by this article

ÜberQuell Supadupa

Finally, a decent beer from Hamburg! Supadupa is one of the most interesting German beers I’ve come across recently. Hoppier than any of the previous contenders, but also drinkable and beautifully golden in the glass. Best enjoyed on site with pizza.

Available here

The aforementioned Martin has often written about beer on Der Gute Leben. He now concentrates on beer and runs Spillout Magazine together with Klaas, co-founder of Beyond Beer. There he goes far beyond the standard beers mentioned here. My tastes are rather modest in comparison.

*International Bitterness Unit

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Hi, I'm Olli, I moved to Hamburg in 2008 and have been working in the media industry there ever since. Before that, I spent many years spinning records in the Northern German club scene and writing for a few, often music-related, magazines. Now, after a break of several years, I'm blogging again and writing from the heart, which I think is a bit awesome.

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