Keep on digging, Colin Furze

December 9, 2022
Skizze des Tunnels, den Colin beim Amt vorzeigen musste, um den Tunnelbau genehmigt zu bekommen.

I was recently asked what my favourite blogs are. I immediately thought of two “video logs”. One is Project Binky, a 9-year project to convert an original Mini into a four-wheel drive. And Colin Furze!

Colin has been digging a tunnel for three years. Apart from the fact that his channel is highly recommended, it is the content of the tunnel that turns me on the most. Probably, like Binky, it’s the nonsense.

For example, Colin not only connects his house to his shed, but also to his bunker, which he built in his garden a few years ago.

The attention to detail in some places is staggering. Even more remarkable is the perseverance to see such an idea through to the end.

In the last three years, there have been about 10 videos with tunnel content. As of yesterday, a 2.5 hour compilation is available. Perfect for a lazy Sunday, enjoy!

The poster shown in the thumbnail is available for purchase here.

By the way, the “real” blogs I read the most are and

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