Onkyo Firmware Update Error and Solution

September 5, 2018
An audio receiver shows an error message on the front display.
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If you own an Onkyo receiver you definitely know about the firmware update issue. With my TX-L50 every update via Internet failed. Often, the solution was to try it via USB again. But the last time I tried, it failed also.

So, if you are preparing your stick on a Mac or on Linux you definitely know that some things should be considered. For example, to work with a FAT32 stick and don’t work with GPT partition table (for the very uncommon situation that you may have converted some of your sticks to GPT).

But, surprise (not really): even when you’ve prepared the stick the right way, Onkyo can spit out an error during the update. Mainly in the 80% region with an error code around 80, e.g. 7-84.

The solution is as easy as dumb:

– Take the power cord out
– Use a Windows system to prepare a FAT32 Stick with MS-DOS partition table. Sorry, but yeah, really, use a Windows system!
– if you want to really get sure: use the integrated Unzipper of Windows to unzip the Onkyo firmware update zip
– copy that unzipped firmware file on your stick
– put the power cord back in, start again with the new stick

In my case, after a couple of fails with the first stick which was prepared on Ubuntu, this stick did the job right away. So I hope it will do the job for you too!

// Pro-tip: If you want to use your Onkyo (or Pioneer) receiver with an really good app, you need to check out this one: – It’s free and for Android and Apple available. Does some tricks the official can’t.

Did it help? Let me know and drop a comment. If you want to spend me a coffee, I would appreciate it a lot!

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  1. Avatar Usama says:

    Every time i update it says 0-81error on the receiver

  2. Avatar keith says:

    Olli – thanks for the tip. I was having trouble doing a firmware upgrade right out off the box with an Integra 5.4. Your directions saved the day. I was able to get everything done from a mac but I did notice that the OS included a couple of hidden files, including a .Spotlight-VT100 directory that took a little extra effort to delete. Once I deleted the hidden files the FW upgrade worked as advertised. Still scratching my head as to why the network upgrade failed (repeatedly). Anyway, thanks for posting this and for taking the time to translate it into English. Much apprecciated!

    1. Olli Olli says:

      You’re very welcome. Glad I could help.

  3. Avatar theo_tusch says:

    @Sigbjørn Bergane: I have exact the same problem. Did you solve except buying a new receiver?

  4. Avatar Thomas N. says:

    what is the windows command to create a FAT32 Stick with MS-DOS partition table?

    1. Olli Olli says:

      Hi Thomas, you can ignore the partition table if you doesn’t change it on purpose to gpt but if you want to get sure and you’re not afraid to use CMD, check this.

      I’m a bit of a lazy guy (on WIN machines) and choosed EaseUS Partition Manager for changing partition tables and formating sticks. It does a good job and the ads are ignorable. Because with some sticks the FAT32 option (or it could be a WIN10 issue) is in the WIN given Format Drive tool missing.


      1. Avatar Sigbjørn Bergane says:

        Hi Olli
        I am a guy(age 52) from Norway with the same problem.
        I have tryed your suggestion, many times. But the prosess stops at the same level every time. DSP write 70 %, then i get an error.
        I am afraid I noew have an whery large and expencive leather weight……..
        Any other suggestions for me?
        I tryed to do an firmware update the first time trough wireless connection, it seems to be my first failure……

        Thank you in advance

        1. Olli Olli says:

          Hi Sigbjørn,
          unfortunately I’m not very experienced with this issues. I got this workaround by accident and since then it works. What you should try is a different USB stick or to format this stick on a different Computer. You tried it with WIN10? If not, ask a friend with a WIN10 machine for help.
          But what you can do right away is to format your USB sticks with this tool: – It’s free for personal use (some ads will appear) and you can check the partition table of the stick with this in an easy way.
          Another idea is to download the update files again. Maybe the download file got an issue. And you should try a different Unzipper, maybe Peazip:


          All the best

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