Update: eine deutsche Version findest du jetzt hier: www.earlynerd.de/onkyo-firmware-update-fehler-und-loesung/

If you own an Onkyo receiver you definitely know about the firmware update issue. With my TX-L50 every update via Internet failed. Often, the solution was to try it via USB again. But the last time I tried it failed also.

So, if you are preparing your stick on a Mac or on Linux you definitely know that some things should be considered. For example to work with a FAT32 stick and don’t work with GPT partition table (for the very uncommon situation that you may converted some of your sticks to GPT).

But, surprise (not really): even when you’ve prepared the stick the right way, Onkyo can spit out an error during the update. Mainly in the 80% region with an error code around 80, e.g. 7-84.

The solution is as easy as dumb:

– Take the power cord out
– Use a Windows system to prepare a FAT32 Stick with MS-DOS partition table. Sorry, but yeah, really, use a Windows system!
– if you want to really get sure: use the integrated Unzipper of Windows to unzip the Onkyo firmware update zip
– copy that unzipped firmware file on your stick
– put the power cord back in, start again with the new stick

In my case, after a couple of fails with the first stick which was prepared on Ubuntu, this stick did the job right away. So I hope it will do the job for you too!

Pro-tip: If you want to use your Onkyo (or Pioneer) receiver with an (really good) app, you need to checkout this one: https://github.com/mkulesh/onpc – It’s free and for Android and Apple available. Does some tricks the official can’t.

This a German blog, why do I write that article in English? I guess most of the German or whatever people who are searching for a solution are able to get this anyway and because it seems a very common error it is a good way to spread that simple solution for everyone!

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