The Instagram Photo Invasion by Lucas Levitan

October 5, 2017
Das Buch "Photo Invasion" von Lucas Levitan, in Händen gehalten.

Instagram would rather be the network that has the beautiful pictures. That’s often true, even if it means overlooking the ads and all sorts of other nonsense. Lucas Levitan uses these nonsense pictures to put the finishing touches on them with his painted additions. He call it Photo Invasion.

You can also nominate yourself for the invasion by adding the hashtag #iwanttobeinvaded to your own picture. With around 114,000 photos currently using the hashtag, you can imagine the odds in your favour. In any case, the humour you see below is to be expected.

I had been following Lucas Levitan for a while when he announced his Kickstarter project to realise the printed version of his Photo Invasion. I didn’t have to think twice and wasn’t just in once. As I wanted the signed version for myself, but also a second one, as a possible gift. This ended up in me being mentioned twice in the credits. Quite inconvenient, frankly.

Lucas Levitan now sells the books in his shop, along with some other really good items. One of my favourites is definitely the Wall Clock, if only it wasn’t sold out. Have a look and don’t hesitate. The book is available for just under 20 Euros including postage. You can’t go wrong!

Das Buch "Photo Invasion" von Lucas Levitan, in Händen gehalten.
An mich gerichtete Signatur auf der ersten Seite des Buches.
Gezeichnete Figuren verhalten sich auf einer Schallplatte so, als ob das Vinyl Wasser wäre.
Nachempfindung des "Schreis" von Edvard Munch
EIn Dackel bekommt von gezeichneten Figuren den Bart geschnitten und die Pfoten manikürt.
Aus harmlosen Bildern wurde vermeintlich Anstößiges gemacht, es ist aber witzig.
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