The late realisation: Discogs is great!

August 12, 2016

For some time now, I’ve been buying more CDs and records again. The latter for obvious reasons, as the format is just a wonderful contrast to modern music, and you get download codes for almost every record these days anyway, so you can put the songs somewhere digitally.

It’s a bit different with CDs. For me, there is interesting music that is either very old or not widely distributed, so it is no longer interesting for digital distribution. The albums or compilations I want are then only available on CD, and almost exclusively through second-hand portals.

The first time I had to deal with this was when DJ Pierre sadly passed away in 2012. Pierre was one of the residents of Stammheim in Kassel. As the club became more popular, compilations under the name “Heimfidelity” followed. The first one was from Pierre, and we listened to it so often back then (1998) that I regretted not owning it when he died.
On Amazon, some crazy people are offering the Heimfidelity CDs for even crazier sums. I seriously wonder who buys them?

What came back to my radar when I was looking for the CD was Discogs. I only remembered Discogs as a “registry” for music. Only in 2012 did I realise that people were selling their used CDs and records there.

It was with this late realisation that the collecting instinct kicked in. Not only have I acquired the Heimfidelity series over a period of time, mainly through Discogs, but I currently have the bug in my ear to buy all the mix CDs by 2manyDJs. Just today I saw on Discogs that the “Get Yer Yo Yo’s” mixset series exists alongside the “As heard on Radio Soulwax” and “Hang all DJ’s” that I already know.

The music nerd can get lost there and will love it. I love it not only because I get the really old stuff there. I also found newer stuff, like the reissue of Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, including the Boys Noize remix. Unfortunately, without a download code.

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Hi, I'm Olli, I moved to Hamburg in 2008 and have been working in the media industry there ever since. Before that, I spent many years spinning records in the Northern German club scene and writing for a few, often music-related, magazines. Now, after a break of several years, I'm blogging again and writing from the heart, which I think is a bit awesome.

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