House Blend Coffee by GRIND

October 10, 2018
Ein Beutel und eine Dose Grind Kaffee stehen vor meiner Kaffeemaschine.

Very recently, it was the good beer I was raving about. But good coffee is much more important to me! I already checked off the current hypes about the different ways of making coffee years ago. From the porcelain filter, because of its neutral taste, to the coffee grinder, the accessories for making coffee grew slowly but steadily. At some point it became clear that I needed a machine with a portafilter, and apart from a new grinder that can grind even more precisely and always produces exactly the same amount of coffee, that’s all I’ll ever want.

As with everything, you can become an extreme nerd to get the last bit of flavour out of the bean. For me, I have reached a good enough standard. I leave everything else to shops like Espressolution or Public Coffee Roasters. In my neighbourhood there is also the very interesting Stockholm Espresso Club, and the other day I happened to visit the really good Nord Coast1 for the first time.

Everybody’s having a blast, to be honest, but it’s great! They also all have their own house bean, either from their own roasting or from selected origins. My current favourite is Moonlight from Public Coffee Roasters, along with Saicaf Oro from Espressolution. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like to try the coffee from the other side of the fence. Recently it was a coffee from the island: Grind.

Grind is a chain of cafes and restaurants that grew out of a music studio in London’s Shoreditch. Their house bean has been resting in my grinder for some time now and is a little more delicate in the cup than Moonlight. The note becomes more fruity if you have a little too much powder in the grinder, so be careful. If you are, a well-balanced nutty, almost chocolatey aroma will convince you. Less is clearly more and can make the coffee almost syrupy. Absolutely fabulous!

Grind House Blend is available as beans or ground coffee in various sizes in a bag, and the tin is ideal for tasting. The bag and tin can be ordered online, but the shipping costs are a pain. I’ll definitely be picking up the next pack myself from one of the shops.

1 Found it here

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