To Go Coffee Mug, the Second

June 10, 2021

I think I was a bit harsh back then when I basically discredited to-go deposit systems. Since then, my opinion has changed somewhat and I would like to see more variations and systems that make it easier for coffee drinkers to give up the paper cup.

Sure, why don’t we drink in the shop? Out of a porcelain cup or a glass? It doesn’t get any more sustainable than that, and Zeit Online (unfortunately only by subscription) says it’s the only way. However, they ignore the fact that this is not the reality for some people on their way to kindergarten, work or university, and that there is not only black and white, not only yes and no when it comes to takeaway coffee.

Anyone who wants to drink a decent cup of coffee knows the disadvantages of takeaway coffee.

Not only is the cup rubbish. The taste is different, the temperature doesn’t last as long. All this is accepted as a compromise in order to have an even better coffee than the one from the filter machine at the office, which has been sitting on the plate for hours and is becoming increasingly bitter. A consumption problem, no doubt. But for me, as for many others, it will also be a way of “pampering” oneself. The little luxuries you need during the day and the cup of good coffee that helps you to start the day more relaxed.

Let’s forget for a moment the circumstances that might encourage people to get their coffee from their own machine or from a barista. Let’s look at another way to transport your coffee:

The HuskeeCup

This follows a similar principle to Kaffeeform‘s cups. But it starts earlier, with the coffee husk. The cups are made of 50% of this husk material, but unfortunately also about 50% of plastic, more precisely polypropylene.
The reason for this is that it gives the cups more stability and, from their point of view, it can be recycled. But also to allow the design of the cup: the ribs on the outside that protect the fingers from the heat of the drink.

Abbildung des HuskeeCup

The design also made me want to buy one of these cups. The two colours on offer look precious in their own way. The mug is really strong, BPA-free and easy to clean in the dishwasher. A rubber ring, which the Weducer now also has, helps the mug to retain the liquid.

In direct comparison to the Weducer, the HuskeeCup looks a bit more expensive and also more stable. The Weducer has a coarser texture due to its material, the plastic makes the Huskee finer. In addition, there are no effects from the material as I described with the Weducer.

Nevertheless, the cups are pretty much the same quality, with the obvious sustainability bonus for the Weducer!

In Germany you can now buy the HuskeeCups at Amazon (affiliate link *). The Huskee online shop itself does not yet deliver to Germany. Originally from Australia, some European cities, especially the UK, and of course the USA, are already supplied with the cups.

* With this affiliate link you can support the work of if you buy something for yourself via this link.

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