Kaffeeform Weducer Cup

February 2, 2018

The excessive use of take-away coffee cups, often combined with coffee capsules, has been rightly criticised1. The consumption of these coffee cups is estimated at 2.8 billion2 per year in Germany, and even if it were only half that, it would still be too much.

Approaches to offering consumers alternatives are becoming more diverse, but often weaken in one place or another. Various deposit systems are not widespread and therefore hardly noticed; they are even more of a regional phenomenon.
In the case of sustainable reusable cups, which are much more widespread, the plastic lid that is often present is questionable. Products are often optimised for low-cost production processes, which almost automatically means plasticisers. So even the porcelain mug with a plasticised plastic lid is only well intentioned, not well made.

Forget plastic, drink from coffee

The Kaffeeform ensemble, on the other hand, is quite well made. From the espresso and cappuccino cups to the takeaway cup. It is the logical extension of the Kaffeeform concept.

Kaffeeform Weducer Cup

Kaffeeform has thought about how to make something new out of used coffee powder. To do this, the powder is collected from various cafés in Berlin, processed and then given a shape. That alone, drinking coffee from coffee, makes it great. But their products are also dishwasher-safe, relatively unbreakable, food-safe, free of plasticisers and, above all, resource-friendly.

I was convinced about drinking coffee from coffee a long time ago when I bought the cappuccino cups. Now, with the Weducer cup, I find the sustainable approach even clearer. How easy it can be to do without a rubber or plastic lid by using a screw cap and then get a sustainable cup for 15 euros, which is hardly more expensive than all the other wannabe cups. Great!

The only downside is that when the cups are new, they still smell a bit like coffee, and this affects the drink inside. I liked it at first, but didn’t think it was a shame when it disappeared after a few cycles in the dishwasher.

Kaffeeforms mugs are not only available online. There are also a few shops, especially in Berlin, that sell the mugs.

If you want the right coffee to go with it, you’ll find it at Espressolution (Saicaf Oro), Public Coffee Roasters (Moonlight) and Tork’s Coffee (India Monsooned Malabar).

1 The plastic coffee cup problem (German article by DW)
2 Source: recup

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