Four beer

By Olli August 24, 2018
Die vier vorgestellten Biere stehen auf dem Tisch, daneben ein eingeschenktes Glas.
Beer is a divisive issue these days. One faction sees it as a hype spread by city dwellers denigrating the ordinary lager. Another faction is simply against bad industrial beer and strives for good quality in the fridge. Someone who…

Essential by Soulwax

By Olli August 4, 2018
Cover des Essential Albums von Soulwax, auf Beton liegend.
Soulwax, 2 many DJ’s or the Dewaele brothers… as Soulwax they are probably best known by now, even if the actual band concept behind this name is very much mixed up with the 2 many DJ’s concept. Not only have…

Jeff Özdemir… and Friends

By Olli February 6, 2018
Adem sitz vor dem 33rpmStore, damals noch in Bremerhaven.
// A small update on the 3rd release of the series, which is continuing to be available at Karaoke Kalk and for which the taz once again dealt with him (German article). – Jeff Özdemir & Friends will be released…

Kaffeeform Weducer Cup

By Olli February 2, 2018
Der Weducer Cup steht auf dem Tisch vor seiner Verpackung.
The excessive use of take-away coffee cups, often combined with coffee capsules, has been rightly criticised1. The consumption of these coffee cups is estimated at 2.8 billion2 per year in Germany, and even if it were only half that, it…

Wizzard Drums by Chevals

By Olli November 21, 2017
Cover des Songs Wizzard Drums von Chevals
At the moment I’m a bit too much of a Mixmag fan. They’ve been doing a lot of good things with their print magazine for a long time, even if I find the German edition a bit strange. Their Instagram…

MC1R – The Magazine for Redheads

By Olli August 18, 2017
Aufgeschlagene Seite des MC1R Magazins.
The name is an elaborate one, but necessary. MC1R stands for melanocortin-1 receptor. This is the receptor that gives redheads their red hair, pale skin and freckles. The editor, Tristan, is a redhead himself and started MC1R magazine about 3…